Rice Society has moved!! http://ilovericesociety.com

19 06 2010

Hey! Hey! Hey!!

New site!! I have now moved to a DOT COM with an all new look, and will no longer be using my WordPress account.

Go visit!!


Links to my online ETSY store where you can purchase some Rice Society goods! Finally!!

NO PHOTOS EVENT – FRI JUNE 11th @Roots Taipei

27 05 2010


Art Exhibit / Music from Taiwan’s best…

“No photography – free hand sketching only. Celebrate a night without cameras – come and sketch what you see and experience.”

Dr.Sketchy’s Drawing Group is gonna be joining us!

Rice Society will be showcasing some NEW leggings and some collab pieces with Steven Vigar! Ahhhh but YOU don’t get to see unless you go there and check it out in the flesh, as there will be NO PHOTOS taken!!

That’s not even the coolest part!! There’s gonna be prizes for drawings, a MASSIVE art exhibit, and some really fucking rad music to listen/dance/draw to!

For more info check out the Facebook Event

Also preparing some Felt Badges for y’all…

See ya June 11th!!

New Rice Society Multi Fabric Leggings

20 05 2010

Photographer: Yi Chen

Model: Helen

Studio: First Zoom

Multi-fabric tights, spandex shirt, RICE SOCIETY.

Get ready!

Peaches Live in Taipei and in Rice Society!

14 05 2010

K I know I’m suuuuper late posting. But it’s still awesome.

Peaches in Rice Society leggings + me!

Special thanks to her Tranimals, Alita and Marika, for taking me back stage to meet her. EPIC! She was super down to earth and chilled out, despite just finishing one of the raddest live shows ever!

Took initiative and just made her a pair of leggings and gave them to her when we met backstage. They matched her sneakers (what a fluke!) so she put them on right away and came to party at Underworld. Fun times!

Costume change idea was great. Peel back layers to revel multiple new outfits underneath.

I love the fact that you can jump into the front photographer area without getting your head smashed in. And that you can actually get to the front without some big tough girl sticking her elbow in your face saying, “Move back, white bitch, before I knock your teeth out!” (That happened to me at N.E.R.D. in San Fran, couldn’t get anywhere near the stage.) Ah, but Taipei, I love you!

The wig hair on the arm bands is original. The material on her jumpsuit looked kinda cheap in real life, but great on film. Opened my eyes to what happens in costume design.

Michael Jackson tribute:

This part was epic. In a towel, then opened it and had a projection of herself singing to her. Great idea!

This fabric – suuuuper cheap but looks cool on stage and blows nicely in the fan.

Then we are all like, whoa! What’s that?!?!? Then she turned around wearing this:

The massive-est name plate I ever did see. I want one. Fucking sweet!

Then my fucking camera ran out of battery. Had to resort to my iPhone to get dressing room pics. iPhone camera = fail.

Last pic is a candid of Peaches backstage with Mar and Alita. The leggings really do match her shoes:

Good lesson: EVERYONE loves free stuff. ❤

Steven Vigar X Rice Society Photo Shoot

16 04 2010

Photographer: Steven Vigar

Creative Director/Stylist: Rice Society

Models: Maxime Savage & Cresencio Victoria

Amazing Assistant: Jeremy Gordon

Special Thanks to Max & Justin Robinette for providing additional wardrobe, and for Emily & Mel for lending their rooftop! Also thanks to the Isis for letting us all come in and trash the place!

New Rice Society leggings!

TopMan briefs

Rabbit – Model’s own

Headphones – WESC X Bloody Beatroots

Rice Society leggings

ART – The NOW Watch

14 04 2010

Alita is awesome, in case you weren’t aware. Here’s her testing out her future tattoo:

What time is it? NOW!

Go check out her new blog!

Goodbye Cresencio!!

11 04 2010

What a way to go! Cresencio scores the front page of the paper on the way out!

We’re gonna miss that boy! He also managed to score Taiwan Photo of the Day, from the shoot we did with Steven Vigar. (The photos from that will be up soon, so stay tuned!)

He shined golden everywhere he went. Here’s a candid from his Last Chance for Romance Dance at The Loft:

Love Love Love Love!!!

In his final hours, here with Steve-O and Rodrigo in the basement of Roxy Jr.:

See you in NYC!!!!!